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Meet the Jeweller!

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

I have always been interested in creating a variety of different forms. Making jewellery had always been on my bucket list to try, and the catalyst which really gave me the push was seeing my engagement and wedding rings being hand designed by my husband and created by a jeweller. I wanted to be able to do that too! To bring that special feeling to someone when they have a truly unique hand crafted piece on their hand.

What is my background.

I worked for many years in the sciences and education. Initially in the field as a geologist, then a dive instructor, teaching marine science and finally working in a school as a teacher/teaching assistant. My real passions in life are travel, photography and the ocean. These experiences in life are where I get my inspiration for my designs. Living on the South Devon coast I am regularly at the beach and constantly inspired by our ever changing coastline, treasures that are found washed up on the beach and the flora and fauna of the intertidal zones.

Why I chose sea glass.

Sea glass is basically any glass that has been weathered physically and chemically by the sea. This weathering process produces naturally smoothed and frosted glass. Sea glass takes from 20-100 years to form, and different colours can sometimes tell us the age of the glass and where it has come from. The glass enters the water as shards perhaps from broken bottles, window panes or ship wrecks and over time the action of the water and sand erodes creating a smooth surface.

I love the whole process of working with sea glass (although sometimes its a little frustrating too!), from finding beaches that have a supply to creating special pieces to make the glass sing. The frustrations come from needing to find the exact right piece for a design. Sea glass comes in all shapes and sizes but only the most perfect pieces are chosen for my designs. I also love the colours - so many different shades of varying rarity. Its exciting when I find a piece to see what exact colour and shade I have in my hand!

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