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Are you a motivated Water Woman?


We are constantly on the lookout for women around the world who frequently embrace ocean adventures and love to inspire other women to get outdoors and have some fun in the ocean. Whether it’s surfing, sea swimming, SUP, kite surfing, windsurfing, diving or free diving. 

If this sounds like you, please apply to the Water Women Enthusiasts program and become an Ocean Boheme Brand Ambassador. 

We are looking for water women who: 

  • Embrace one or more ocean/water activities regularly

  • Have a website or social media following showcasing your water enthusiasm with good quality photos 

  • Are creative (photographer/videographer/artist) who predominantly captures and focuses on the ocean in her work 

  • Aged 18 and over 

  • Follow Ocean Boheme on social media and are an engaged follower 

  • Subscribed to the Ocean Boheme mailing list

  • Values ocean sustainability 

Or can also be a:

  • Yoga instructor inspired by  ocean flow and/or works alongside surf retreats

  • Life Coach/ Health Coach with a vested interest in the ocean 

  • Professional ocean athlete 

Why be involved?

  • Receive 15% off on your first Ocean Boheme purchase

  • Discounts increase the more you purchase and the more content you produce including Ocean Boheme tagged posts of your jewellery

  • After £200 of purchases a piece of coral will be adopted in your name to support coral regeneration. 

  • 10% discount code for your friends and followers

  • Addition of 'Ocean Boheme Ambassador' in your bio if you wish. 

  • First to know about new releases 

  • Feature on our blog and tagged in Insta stories/feed

  • ​Be a part of the design process by giving feedback on designs and suggesting your own designs which may be made.  If your design is made you will be gifted with the piece. 

  • Represent a brand that empowers women to enjoy the ocean, nature and the outdoors

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